Sweden is the epicenter of AFA


Sweden. The country where the government not only supports and cooperates with socialist AntiFA, it also  gives grants to both the organization and the people, provides meeting venues and finances their illegal archives of citizens registered opinions.

Sweden. The country where the media does not scrutinize the globalist terroristic AntiFA. Instead, they pour in money and praise AntiFA. For thirty years journalists have even participated in various violent AntiFA acts.

The experimental anti-racist Sweden, hith its turned non viloent police, has lost control over illegal immigration and serious crime. This gives the mafia-like moral police AntiFA, free play. With Sweden as a base, AntiFA is exporting its violence abroad.

Project Veritas has now revealed that a division of the terror-labelled AntiFA, was founded by the Swedish couple Victorin.

This is no surprise.

Hamburg, Germany. A journalist is singled out and attacked by German AntiFA. This man, with the help of his database on his phone, directs the thugs on to whom the abuse is to be directed. His name is Mattias Wåg and he is a leader in Swedish AntiFA. Together with the convicted computer hacker Martin Fredriksson, they started AntiFA Documentation.

The idea was to build a database on pictures and opinions of people with non-Marxist views in order to keep track of and harass them, paying violent nightly home visits. Of course, this is prohibited by law in Sweden, but neither the police nor the legal system do anything to AntiFA. The Swedish police is using “a patience of gold” when dealing with AntiFA

Why do Swedish media, police and legal systems protect the criminals in AntiFA, even though Swedish law prohibits their activity?

Swedish main Party in government , The Social Democrats, who officially claim to be abstaining from violence, have many affiliated sub-organizations. In addition to the Social Democratic Youth Association, SSU, also so-called public movements organizations such as the Workers’ Education Association, ABF, and trade unions such as LO. In this youtube movie we can see how ABF and LO organize an event where AntiFA and the Social Democrats are openly discussing strategies and cooperation when the Marxist revolution comes.

Daniel Suhonen is one of the Social Democrats’ most important ideologues, as well as the former party leader’s closest associate. In all normal democratic countries this would have been a scandal and Daniel Suhonen would have had to resign. But in Marxist Sweden, all media were silent. After this, Daniel Suhonen has instead become one of the most invited guests in the media as a so-called expert and chronicler.

The Swedish Communist Party, which is part of the Social Democratic Government coalition, boasts openly about its links to AntiFA. Before the 2018 election, an AntiFA member was featured on an election poster. The government party, the Social Democrats, have outsourced the AntiFA organization to its sub-organizations. The most prominent Social Democrats subsidiary that is directly linked to AntiFA is the Expo Foundation. The Expo was started by AntiFA members such as Tobias Hubinette, who stated the goal of ”letting the white west go down in blood and suffering”, and the Communist writer Stieg Larsson who authored the Millennium books. Under the pretense of dealing with anti-racist journalism, Expo has a huge database with over 15,000 files on people who do not agree with the socialist policies that the government runs. The Expo Foundation is funded by, among others, trade unions, government grants, and with the profits from the Millenium books and films. The Expo Foundation, which is regularly hired by Swedish mainstream media as experts, is a facade organization for AntiFA,

The leader of the Expo Foundation was for many years in the 2010s the former party leader of the Social Democrats, Mona Sahlin. She was succeeded by the well-known TV profile Robert Aschberg, who, while leading the Expo, also led AntiFA Documentation, which changed its name to more decent sounding Siren. Robert Aschberg has perhaps been the most important link between the Social Democrats, the media, Expo and AntiFA.

The multi-millionaire Robert Aschberg lives in a luxury apartment in Stockholm. In the basement of the same house you will find the premises of the AntiFA. Rent, staff and operations are paid for by the taxpayers. Money magnate Robert Aschberg, whose grandfather Olof ”the red banker” Aschberg funded the Russian bolshevistic revolution, is apart from being the leader of Siren, former AntiFAddocumentation, and Expo, also a TV program director, a writer and the chairman of the Swedish journalist organization The Publicist Club.

Robert Aschberg’s closest companion in Siren is the founder of AntiFAdokumentation, Martin Fredriksson. In 2016, it emerged that the Swedish security police, who are directly subordinate to the government, secretly employed AntiFA Documentation Martin Fredriksson for helping them with information. The security police did this in spite of  Martin Fredriksson being a convicted felon and praiser of violence. Not even this became a scandal in the mainstream media of Sweden. Perhaps this due to the fact that virtually all newspapers and TV channels today, every month, pay a subscription to Siren and the violent hacker Martin Fredriksson, for keeping records on the political opinions and court convictions of members of the general public..

How is it possible that the Swedish socialist government and the media can cooperate with and finance AntiFA so openly, without sparking any interest among the journalists of Sweden? Sweden still pretends to be a democracy. In Sweden, a large majority of the media is owned by one family. The Bonnier family whose main newspapers Expressen and Dagens Nyheter have close cooperation with CNN. Bonnier’s policy is to allow AntiFA to commit terror crimes with the support of the government without scrutiny, Bonnier even cooperate openly with AntiFA. The Swedish state subsidizes large parts of the Bonnier family’s media empire through the so-called press support, and does not act against the Bonnier monopoly. In return, the media does not scrutinize the state’s corruption and criminal contacts with AntiFA. If you happen to mention or review this as an individual journalist, your journalistic career is over. For example, this was experienced by Journalist Mats Skogskär in June 2020 when he wrote a private tweet after the big Black Lives Matter riots in Sweden. Sweden, the country that never had colonies or engaged in slave trade. AntiFA and Bonnier didn’t like the analysis, so he got fired.

In 2013, the Bonnier magazine Expressen was openly collaborating with AntiFA Documentation. In the first half of the 2010:s, the AntiFA called themselves the Research Group, before switching to Siren in 2016. The research group boasted of being the Stasi of Sweden, and a sister organization to Expo. Both organisations were later praised by the Bonnier family’s great journalist gala.

The Social Democrats and the Bonnier Family operates in a symbiosis, and AntiFa is their moral police who make home visits to people who are critical.


Thus, with the approval of the government and the Bonnier family, AntiFA is in control of limiting free speech in Sweden..

The consequence of having the anarchist AntiFA replace the police is that Sweden is not only a threat to its own existence, but also to the EU and the entire democratic world. Sweden systematically gives illegal citizens, terrorists and other criminals from the Middle East and Africa Swedish citizenships and passports. If you as a criminal throws away your identity documentation, Sweden will welcome you with open arms and give you a brand new start again identity with a clean criminal record. Sweden is one of the strongest recruitment bases for the Islamic State. Sweden is also, as project Veritas showed, an exporter of AntiFA violence. It is probably no coincidence that the previously so hyped, but now marginalized Greta Thunberg was created in Sweden. Her mother and father are loyal to the Social Democratic Party and, just like Greta Thunberg, openly sympathize with AntiFA.

In all likelihood, the Swedish regime will try to censor this film. So share, download and re-upload it. Help the good forces show how Sweden is a platform and breeding ground for socialist AntiFA, violent terrorists and other globalist mafia-like moral police.

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